The Decarbitation System

Harness the power of controlled cavitation.

The DecarbitationTM System

Ultra-High Efficiency Decarboxylation

The Decarbitation System utilizes the patented technique of controlled cavitation to solve critical mixing and heating problems to scale. Our parent company Hydro Dynamics Inc. has been refining the art of controlled cavitation for over 30 years. Decarboxylation with a Decarbitation System is gentle and rapid:

  • Decarboxylation Efficiency – Over 99%
  • Run Time – 30 Minutes

Emulsions that stand the test of time

With unprecedented heating and mixing efficiency, controlled cavitation is the perfect solution to make robust emulsions.

Cut down on standard remediation times dramatically

With over 2/3 improvement in efficiency over standard remediation techniques, the Decarbitation System is an incredibly versatile tool for the extractors toolkit.

Pilot units are available in 2 (pictured here) and 25 Gallons. Our system is 100% scalable to meet the needs of your extraction facility. Contact us for a quote today.

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